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R&b - 00's to now!

We like to blend RnB into the dinner mix and the dance floor. Ain't nothin' wrong with a little bump 'n grind!

First Dance Songs

From First Dance Classics to Top 40 Songs... browse this playlist if you haven't yet found a song that perfectly describes your relationship.

Big Band & Jazz

We recommend these classy tunes for your cocktail hour and dinner.

Soft & Alternative Rock

Soft and Alternative Rock goes well for just about everything! We love including this type of music in both your Dinner and Dancing playlists, if you're into that.


We can have your event feeling like a music festival real' quick!

90's Dance Music

This era of dance music will definitely have people gettin' jiggy wit' it!


This is one of our favorites! You can never go wrong with some groovy Motown music.


We know modern country best, but we also love to spin some Johnny Cash!

Hip Hop & Rap

Show us a better genre of music to get down to... we'll wait.

Alternative Pop

Want to venture outside of the mainstream? Alt pop will have your guests dancing to artists that make great music, but aren't in the spotlight.

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